Active involvement in sport is regarded as one of the building blocks of most skills needed by individuals in the present world, without disregarding the fitness and health benefits that come with active involvement in sport.


Most students have been able to acquire over a short period of time skills and valid talents, which is traced to their active involvement in sport.


Factors Influencing Active Participation of Sport in Canada

Many schools have recognized the importance of active participation in sport and have over the years included athletic programs for their students.


  • Some things put in place include; giving students access to off-campus community centers, promotion of independent & intramural events and activities, and access to varsity sports activities with nationally recognized teams.
  • A variety of programs have been implemented in schools to enhance the involvement of students. In some schools, they currently have the department of athletics or recreation. These departments allow students to earn a degree in different areas of sport, various departments are combined with the overall sports activities of the school.
  • Also, most schools have varsity sports teams, they are given special names and allowed to compete with other school teams, agreeing to the rules and guidelines set by the conference, Canadian interuniversity sports council, and the university.
  • With Canada being regarded as one of the sports nations in the world, sporting activities in Canada have been influenced by different factors which contribute to the success of the activity. From the early adoption of sport, through to geographical and social diversity, Canada is well known for sport and sports-related activities.
  • According to Neo prime sport, Canada has become a country with a wide range of different types of sport, some of which include; ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, cricket, tennis, rugby, basketball, curling, golf, and a lot more.
  • Over the years, involvement in the sport has gained popularity in Canada due to an increase in student participation in the sport. With the backing of the Canadian sport system, made up of many bodies, there are rules, programs, and policies that contribute to the success of both participation and hosting.
  • The Canadian government is also the country’s single largest investor in amateur sport and has developed policies and programs that are designed to help meet the needs of its citizens and support the sport system. Canadian sport policy is built around five broad aims: introduction to sport; recreational participation in sport for fun; competitive participation in sport; involvement in high-performance sport; and the use of sport as a development tool.

Benefits of Students Active Involvement in Sports

Some benefits that come with student active involvement in sports include;

  1. Building mental and physical health: Physical and mental health can be maintained through exercise. In addition to burning calories, exercise helps improve heart muscle endurance and performance, reducing the risk of heart disease. Active involvement also helps reduce the chance of obesity as it helps improve the bone, ligament, and muscles, making them healthy and stronger.
  2. Active involvement helps build high self-confidence and self-esteem in students: Winning, trying and words of encouragement are things that are associated with sports. Praises from coaches, friends, and families can help boost a student’s esteem and confidence, which when well nurtured will motivate the student to perform well in all aspects he/she is involved in, both academically and other tasks.
  3. Development of Leadership and teamwork skill: In sport, there is always a need to have a leader, which is the captain. A captain sees to the coordination of the team both on and off the pitch, with an agreement that teamwork is one of the best ways to achieve any greatness or success, collaboration in sport can lead to the success of the team. These terms and acts are also applicable in most of our day-to-day activities, and even schoolwork. A student who is actively involved in sport will learn this skill and will be able to utilize them where and when necessary.
  4. Development of social skills: sport involves the coming together of students, in cases of organized sport and competitions, more students from different schools come together, this gives rise to interaction and a chance to make new friends. This process helps build up good communication and social skills, it improves relationships and the ability to adapt to any environment/ country they find themselves in.
  5. Sport improves brain power and discipline: Sport and exercise have been known to be the best option in fighting stress and also improving memory and cognitive function. Sports aid concentration, thus contributing to memory building and improvement. Discipline, on the other hand, is one of the building blocks of a successful team, the ability to follow rules, strategy, and instruction comes into place. With a tight schedule during training or competition, – essay service is well known for providing custom writing services for students, they have over a thousand professionals who help write and edit college essays online.
  6. Career development and encouragement: Most students develop a liking and passion for sport with active involvement over time. There are widely different professions in sports, some of which include; becoming a player, a referee, a sports journalist, a commentator e.t.c. Active involvement in a particular sport will give rise to self-discovery and the need to pursue the chosen career.


Canadian students enjoy good access to sport and competitions with the backing of the Canadian sport policy. This policy gives directives to the government, various organizations, and institutions in making sure that sport plays a positive role and impacts the lives of the citizens, the communities, and the country.


Individual sports like; sailing, climbing, and others are also usually offered as alternatives to team participative sports. These sports activities can take place both on and off-campus, and instructions are made available.


With a chance to participate in sport regardless of which segment of the society you hail from, Canadians get to enjoy active participation in sport from childhood straight to adulthood, whilst maintaining good health and staying fit.