There are times in life when we all need a little help. And that’s perfectly okay! It’s important to be proactive about our mental health and seek out support when we need it. If you’re looking for some resources to help you out, check out these books on mental health! They can provide insight, guidance, and support during difficult times. If you distract yourself, destress by reading, watching movies, or even via esports betting in Canada, you need to keep reading.


“Relax Dammit! A User’s Guide to the Age of Anxiety” by Timothy Caulfield

This is a basic but fascinating book for anyone interested in comprehending the reasons behind people’s everyday actions and habits. For example, how do we know when to get up, when to brush our teeth, what to eat for breakfast, and so on. The author also draws from scientific research to explain why anxiety has increased and how information from social networks, advertising and the media influence mental health and decision-making.


“Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert

A famous work of popular psychology that critics praise as a classic. The author explains how human thinking works in an easy and pleasant style. The book’s major message is that our brains mistake ways to happiness. And, as a result, after reading the book to the end, you’ll be astonished to discover that humanity has been able to achieve such heights in intellectual development. Perhaps this book might even assist you to rethink your life.


“Sprint: how to solve big problems” by Jake Knapp

Today, most IT firms operate in sprints. This method of scheduling allows them to better prioritize activities, finish tasks on time, and be in sync with one another. However, few people are aware that sprint planning was not created by programmers. The book’s author provides a unique approach for reducing the phases of planning and organization while also saving time for productive activities. Perhaps reading the book can help you use your time more effectively at work or when traveling.


“Getting Things Done” by David Allen

The renowned time-management book has helped millions of people around the world be more productive in their professional and personal lives for nearly 20 years. The GTD approach is utilized by millions of individuals all over the world to get things done and become more efficient in their jobs and personal lives. Because today, more than 100 mobile apps employ David Alan’s author’s system for planning personal schedules, team and company calendars, digitalization has just enhanced the book’s relevance. It may even improve your life substantially.