Despite being a widely popular source of entertainment, movies can also be considered a great learning tool. This statement especially holds when they are based on real-life events. There have been some classics based on the financial markets that provide the viewer with in-depth insights into the world of stockbrokers and intraday trading. Such movies are capable of enthralling even the layman with minimal information on stock markets.


The added elements of drama and hysteria and the main characters battling out their money games add to the thrill value. For instance, many renowned Hollywood directors have tried to answer why the economy crashed and led to a recession in 2008 and other crucial economic events in the past few decades. Let’s glance at seven such movies that successfully kept the viewers on the edge of their seats till the end.


The Big Short

This movie was all about an accurate and fast-paced portrayal of the events that unfolded behind closed doors during the 2008 meltdown. The main characters in the film predict the economic crisis, and they bet against investment banks. Director Adam McKay received critical acclaim for the realistic depiction of the sequence of events that occurred before, during, and after that historic day. In addition, this film also gives valuable insights into how this whole catastrophe could have been avoided.


The Wolf Of Wall Street

This biography movie of celebrity stockbroker Jordan Belfort was brilliantly portrayed on screen by leading actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The film exposed some shocking loopholes in the financial markets and how easily the greedy exploited them. Belfort made it big by sales of penny stocks and started his agency in the US. Among the portfolio of stocks, sports betting is one of the hottest in the US stock market, with revenues expected to scale $10.1 billion by 2028. The sports gambling market is on the rise without a doubt, increasing the potential for fraudulent activities in the betting domain. To enjoy the best sports betting experience from the most trusted sites, is the place to be.


Bet on virtually any sport from horse racing to water polo from betting sites recommended by experts that offer jaw-dropping welcome bonuses and best odds. Despite having vast potential of making quick money, The Wolf of Wall Street explained the fallacies of not following the terms and conditions of the stock market.


Inside Job

This documentary film is a collection of interviews with high-profile stakeholders and leading decision-makers who share their views on the 2008 recession. The soothing narration by actor Matt Damon and the shining of light into an intricate web of greed and influence makes this movie an excellent watch for financial enthusiasts. This 2010 production went on to win multiple accolades, including Academy Award for Best Documentary, among several others.



Wall Street

This cult movie for the financial professionals was directed by the renowned Oliver Stone with the Two And A Half Men lead actor Charlie Sheen. Some of the phrases used in the film, like “Greed is good” and “Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel,” are famous even today. The greed and hedonism associated with life in Wall Street were authentically depicted in this classic.


The Wizard Of Lies

This film is a tribute to the American stockbroker and financial adviser Bernie Madoff. Set in the 2008 period and the plot goes on to reveal one of the biggest scandals in the history of Wall Street. Madoff, who maintained a prestigious reputation in the financial world up until then, became the centerpiece of this fraud. He was arrested and sentenced to 150 years of prison, along with a shocking fall of his business empire—a must-watch for the avid followers of famous personalities in the world of Stocks.


Capitalism: A Love Story

This Michael Moore documentary challenges the status quo of the economic condition in the US and takes a critical take on the prevailing Capitalism. The massive chunk of greed and selfishness residing among the top 1% of the wealthy segment was shown without any inhibition. Moore gracefully paints a picture of what it takes for working-class families to lead a life of satisfaction and hope.


The filmmakers of Hollywood and their take on the dark side of the US financial markets and the accurate depiction of life around the stock markets have produced many visual treats for the global movie audience. In addition to the hours of pure entertainment these movies provide, they are also an insightful source of information on the intricate happenings in the world of money.