Loading up mobile devices with mobile games became the norm in 2021. Mobile games represent high-quality titles that are perfect for gaming on the move or a good distraction when you’re bored.

This also means that the mobile gaming market is over-saturated with many lackluster titles, and no one wants to waste their free time playing subpar mobile games. This is why we’ve taken the time to review and chose some of the best mobile games for your smartphone.

Mobile Casino Games

Mobile casino games are always a good option when you want to play online casino games. When you want to try your luck with online casino games, not only will you be able to find countless options online, but there are many reputable mobile-optimized online casinos.

For example, you will find that new Microgaming casinos will provide you with more than enough mobile versions of popular casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and many other games that you can play from your mobile device. Because the games are produced by top developers like Microgaming, they feature outstanding visuals and high-quality options for the users.


The award-winning game features a compelling story about love and life, and it’s safe to say that it will stay forever engraved in your memory long after you’ve completed it. Florence is an interactive mobile game that tells the Story of a young woman who finds herself leading a monotonous life. She feels stuck in her current job and finds little joy in her day-to-day musings and interactions with other people.

But her fate changes when she meets Krish, a talented cellist in the park who turns her world upside down. The love story is one of the most important aspects of the game, and you will sympathize with the main characters as they struggle on their first date or try to deal with other problems in their relationship.

Your job is to complete different tasks and puzzles in order to finish the game and find out what happens with Florence and Krish. There are beautiful animations and graphics, as well as an emotional soundtrack that perfectly depicts the storylines and the actions of the characters. You can download this game from Google Play and the App Store.


The Journey is an adventure game with stunning graphics and exciting gameplay. Your character is a lone traveler that sets on a journey through sand dunes, explores ancient ruins, and uncovers hidden mysteries. Although there aren’t any special instructions or directions that will guide you through the game, the controls are quite simple and intuitive for the players.

It’s also worth noting that the game has a Grammy-nominated soundtrack that will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. Another advantage is that you can play with other users online. The game is downloadable on Apple devices.

Her Story

This is an original interactive film video game developed by Sam Barlow. As a police procedural game, that player needs to go through different police interviews with Hanna, the main suspect, in order to solve the case of her husband Simon that has gone missing.

The game as well-received by critics and audiences that were especially inspired by the Story and the performance of the actors. Her Story also inspired another thriller – Telling Lies, released in 2019. It is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.