There is more to playing casino games than meets the eye. Playing your favorite game might put you in a cheerful mood or make you feel relaxed, but we are here to tell you that casino games actually provide some benefits to your mind. That’s especially true when it comes to skill games. You need to find the right strategies, make a quick decision while outweighing all potential risk factors. Moreover, they train your logical thinking skills and enhance your concentration ability. We’ll explain you how these casino games can boost your brain:

1.   Happiness hormones with slot machines

Slot machines are different from games like poker and other card games since no skill or strategy is involved when playing them. Nevertheless, playing slot machines do have a positive effect on your brain as well. When playing slots, your central nervous system gets stimulated and as a result, the body produces the happiness hormone. Both dopamine and serotonin get released into the bloodstream which make you feel relaxed but also stimulate brain activity.

There are lots of Canadian online casinos where you can play slot machines. You can even register at a casino that gives you free spins for $1 in Canada and start playing your favorite games with a tiny deposit amount. Better yet, some of these casinos don’t even require you to make a deposit in the first place to start playing this popular game.

2.   Staying sharp with poker

You might not realize it, but when playing poker you are exercising your brain. A poker game requires skill and strategic thinking and a player must stay focussed intensely for longer periods of time which enhances the focussing ability. As you are trying to figure out your opponents’ hands, your creative and abstract thinking are also being trained. One single poker round can take up to 15 minutes. This means your brain has a lot of information to process which requires a sharp memory. The more you practice, the better you will be at the game which results in becoming more confident and creative. On top of this, you’ll also have better focus.

You may have heard of the term ‘’poker face’’ before. When playing poker, we can go through a range of emotions such as happiness, elation but also anger and anxiety. A useful skill to have is the ability to control these emotions and to not reveal them to your opponents. Having control over your emotions and not showing them to the outside world is what is referred to as having a perfect poker face. But keeping your emotions in check also benefits you outside of a poker game. Those who are practiced at controlling their emotions at the poker table can handle several situations outside of the poker game in a more cool, calm and collected manner.

3.   More than a fun game: Bingo

Research has confirmed that people who stay focused for longer periods of time, keep their brains in a better state. Studies show that bingo improves the memory and thinking capability. After all, bingo requires you to pay attention to the numbers on your chart. Or else you might miss some numbers and potentially lose the game round!

When playing, the stimulation of brain cells enables you to easily process and recall stored information. Therefore, people who regularly partake in a bingo game improve their memories and even enhance their orientation and language skills. But of course, bingo brings a lot of joy and happiness to people and that in itself also has a positive impact on the brain. To start playing bingo, look for a bingo hall in your neighbourhood. You can even organize a bingo game with your friends in your own home. Alternatively, online bingo in Canada can be played on several sites.

4.   Brain benefits of Blackjack

Another game that might be your ideal choice in keeping your brain sharp is blackjack. When playing blackjack, your brain is constantly thinking about the right strategies and different ways to win. You’re continuously training your mind by using your memory and card counting skills.

According to the Canadian Clinical Neurological Sciences, playing card games staves off dementia and prevents memory decline. While you are counting cards, your focus gets improved and your basic math skills such as adding and subtracting get trained.


The benefit of playing poker, bingo and a few casino games is that they bring a fresh challenge every time you play. This is why these games are a good way to keep your brain active and your mind razor-sharp.

Gambling is supposed to be a fun and entertaining way of spending time, but we want you to know that it can affect some people in a negative way. You should always remain conscious about how gambling affects you and what your limits are. Betting should never have a negative impact on you. Online casinos offer several tools and features that can help you set limits for yourself, such as a time-limit and a deposit limit. Please remember to gamble responsibly whenever you play.