We are living in the golden age of podcasts; hundreds of new podcast episodes are made available every day. The main appeal of podcasts is that you can listen to any podcast episode while you’re commuting, working, cooking, or doing any chore around the house.

As the popularity of podcast ahs skyrocketed in recent years, you can find a lot of free options on different platforms like iTunes, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, and other popular sites.

But, because there are quite a lot of choices on different subjects, it can be difficult to narrow down your options and pick the best podcast that suits your preferences. This is why we have reviewed and chosen the best podcasts in 2021.

Part-time Genius

Part-time Genius is hosted by Will and Marno, who cover many interesting topics and questions on their show. For example, you can learn what are the surprising inventions created by women, unusual facts about Godzilla, or discover the hidden history of lotteries. The podcast episode about lotteries is one of the most popular ones on the show and has introduced the podcast to another audience of listeners.

In case you want to try your luck with bingo games, after the show, you can instantly register on a reputable online bingo platform and play from the comfort of your own home.

How I Built This

The podcast show is great for anyone that is interested in entrepreneurship. It features interviews with famous entrepreneurs that explain how they managed to build thriving businesses. The guests are the founders themselves, and some of the previous guests were John Zimmer, Sara Blakely, Seth Goldman, and many other famous innovators and entrepreneurs.

Start with This

This show is perfect for anyone that’s interested in art and being creative. It inspires you to talk about art, and it also gives you homework where you will exercise your creative muscles and work on your own stories. It was developed by Jeffrey Cranor, the creator of another equally popular podcast, the Night Vale. So, if you’re looking to put your ideas into motion, the podcast episodes will motivate and educate you to put your best work forward.

You’re Dead to Me

Greg Jenner hosts a popular historical show where he interviews famous comedians and actors as well as historical experts where they delve into different topics. The topics vary from the History of High Heels to Genghis Khan. The weekly podcast episodes are well-produced, entertaining and are perfect for anyone that loves history.

Decoder Ring

This podcast is great for anyone that curious about different topics. Willa Psaki, an experienced journalist, examines some important questions in each episode. Some examples include – How one starts a conspiracy theory? Who killed the Segway? Who is the Karen? And many other interesting cultural topics that will captivate your attention.


Anna Faris is well-known for her comedic roles in films like Scary Movie, The House Bunny, The Hot Chick, and recently the TV Show Mom. Her podcast features celebrity guests where they talk about everything from their latest projects to their personal lives.

But, one of the favorite segments of the show is where they give unqualified advice to callers that share their personal and sometimes awkward situations. The podcast has a comforting, and welcoming atmosphere, so it’s perfect for when you’re looking to be entertained by funny and insightful anecdotes.