It has been 3 years since the release of the game, which brought back interest to games about the golden age of corsairs. What can we do at Sea of Thieves? Sail the ship, discover shipwrecks, explore islands, hunt for bounties and, of course, search for treasures. For real-life treasure hunters, there is an option to fill their chest with gold in PlayAmo casino Canada. Gambling is a massive part of a pirate’s life and you will find some gambling dens in the Sailor’s Grave location. This will help you plunge deeper into the atmosphere of marine adventures and the life of the gallant sea wolf. Which is the atmosphere of one of the best sandbox games out there.

Set Sails! An Immense Open World to Explore

Explore a vast open world full of unexplored islands, shipwrecks and mysterious artefacts. Go hunting and fishing. Complete quests and get valuable rewards.  

The developers carefully balance the servers so that you do not encounter other players too often. You can sail for more than an hour and meet no one.

A New Life to Live

There are no mandatory roles in the game. You can find your own unique approach to the world and other players. You can be an honest merchant, a brave filibuster, a bloodthirsty swashbuckler, a dastardly warmonger, or a notorious rogue. The boundaries of your fantasy are the only limits.

You Paint the Look

Sea of Thieves doesn’t have the character customisation we used to see in other games. It offers eight randomly generated gimmicks that can be switched indefinitely until anticipated one pops out. It was made to prevent gamers from creating hackneyed looks and try something new. 

There are plenty of customisation items: various garments, hats, beards, hairstyles and even hooks with wooden legs. They can be purchased from merchants or found during adventures.

Real shipyards and shipbuilders

At the very beginning, a novice pirate gets the simplest ship. To upgrade your ship, you need to find a shipbuilder at the nearest dock. They are at every outpost. From them, you can buy sails, sheathing materials and more. New items will also be unlocked as you complete the quests.

Real Buccaneer Ships

Sailing is equally about the experience of true sailing but it does not feel excessive or imposed. Raise the anchor, set sails, steer your ship, watch the horizon, aim and fire cannons. All this is brought with an enjoyable sense of reality. Experience all the mightiness and power of the sea and wind while onboard your own flagship. Fight against the raging nature, enjoy the beauty of seascapes, challenge other players in an open and fair battle.

Intense and Immersive Action

Participate in ship versus ship battles against other players or redoubtable undead ships. Board and capture the enemy ships. To loot up honestly stolen goods, you will have to fight a brave enemy captain and defeat his trusty crew in melee combat right on the deck.

Attack skeleton forts and capture unimagined loot. Defeat blood-curdling creatures from the depths of the ocean.

Unforgettable Stories

Play Tall Tales for a story-driven experience. Eleven stories across two legendary storylines. These immersive and cinematic quests provide approximately 30 hours of incredible pirate fantasy play.

New Adventures Awaits

On June 22nd, two universes collided and merged. Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Sea enters Sea of Thieves in A Pirate’s Life update. Team up with Captain Jack Sparrow in the mind-blowing crossover with an exciting story and new adventures!

Sea of Thieves is a rarity these days. The game encourages poignant wit and tactical intelligence rather than an ever-expanding arsenal of weapons. Everyone builds their destiny, chooses their style of play, finds their development strategy and tactics of fighting and relationships with other players. Everybody can enjoy the game without the constant need for endless grinding to stay competitive among the others. Developers respect player’s time and want them to explore the game instead of doing routine actions for levelling.

Sea of Thieves is arguably the best pirate adventure game ever. Regular updates and developers who listen to their audience make it one of the best online sandboxes of 2021. The game has already built a large community of fans, and who knows how far that might go. Maybe we are lucky to see the birth of a new Minecraft.