Recently, multiplayer video games have fallen into stagnation: faceless shooters, boring role-playing games, and countless battle royales. And some of them look much simpler than slots at the PlayAmo casino. But with the relatively recent popularization of Among Us, the genre of online games almost got a second wind. Want to have a good time with your friends? There’s no better place to be than Among Us!

What Is Among Us?

Among Us is a multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth Studios and available on PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Nintendo Switch. The game’s original release happened on June 15, 2018 for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Among Us is a highly entertaining mix of detective, deep-space setting, and elements of a survival horror game, all in multiplayer! Among Us can be played both online and over the local network. But few people play the latter in the current pandemic environment. The best way to play Among Us is with a group of four or five people. It’s also important to note that Among Us has no single-player game, but you can practice tasks in what is known as “Free Mode”.

How to Play Among Us?

In Among Us, you play as either a regular crew member or a traitor – both roles are assigned randomly at the beginning of each game round. Players take control of cartoon astronauts running around the decks of a spaceship (and other thematically related locations) in isometric perspective.

Players are divided into two teams: crew members and traitors. The former are assigned to perform various tasks on the ship, such as restoring the electrical panel wiring or throwing debris into the vacuum of space, the latter are assigned to kill crew members or sabotage their activities, for example by cutting the same wiring. Important detail: none of the players know who took the roles of traitors.

Throughout the match, crew members will attempt to identify traitors in their ranks and throw them into outer space through the nearest atmospheric airlock. Eloquence is a major advantage when playing Among Us. An eloquent traitor can convince other players that he is not a traitor and make them think “red is a traitor, throw him off the ship!”

Is Among Us a Cross-platform Game?

Yes, Among Us is a cross-platform project. You can easily connect to the lobby of players from a variety of gaming platforms. The main thing is to share a special code with each other! Where can you find that code? When you create a lobby, a six-digit code will be displayed in front of you in the center at the bottom of the screen.

In order for other players to join your lobby, they must choose in their game Network Game → Frequent, and then enter the code provided to you. But it is not possible to join an active game.

Is Among Us a Game for Children?

Among Us has elements of violence and suspense, but you won’t see liters of blood or sexual innuendo. The game is great for kids over 10, but we’d still think twice before giving it to younger kids. First, the game puts constant psychological pressure on the player, forcing him to run through dark corridors in search of his goal.

Secondly, in Among Us you have to constantly interact with other players, be it via text chat or voice communication. Third, players in Among Us are not always kid-friendly in the lobby: foul language and overt aggression are common attributes in many game sessions.So, children can feel extremely uncomfortable in Among Us.

How to Change Your Appearance in Among Us?

To change the appearance of your astronaut in Among Us, join any game and walk over to the laptop in the lobby. Click on the “Use” button or select the “Customize” option in the right-hand corner of the display. After interacting with the laptop, you will see a screen in front of you where you can change the color of your spacesuit and add a pet or hat to it.