By far 2020 was one of the biggest years of all time for high-grossing blockbuster movies. We’ve seen “1917”, which reached number one in just a matter of two weeks. We’ve also seen the all new “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”, which generated just under 40 million in box office revenue. We’ve even seen “Sonic the Hedgehog”, which was the highest grossing video game-based film ever. And mostly, we have seen “Bad Boys for LIfe”, which currently has the biggest weekend debut of the year.

The blockbuster movie industry keeps growing and growing year by year, thanks to the advancement and improvement of technology, almost hand in hand with the rapid growth of the best online casinos.

The more advanced tech is becoming, the bigger the opportunities that are budding for movie producers and CGI graphics programmers.

New movie production tech innovations we might be seeing in 2021

During the last year we have seen a large number of new innovations that have the potential to be utilized in the movie world in the coming year. We might even say goodbye to the bulky camera gear as we know it, to open up to new technologies, where fundamental tools like top quality cameras and microphones are being built more compactly, while keeping the same quality, if not improving even further to give us a clearer, more immersive view of the coming movies.

This year we have seen the first ever 4K / 3D / VR live production camera. This is a camera which looks like a handheld box with tiny cameras all around, to be able to capture every possible angle around it, while recording in 4K and automatically rendering the video 3 Dimensional. This newly invented high-tech camera is called LucidCam, and it’s made by a company called LucidVR. This truly is a next level invention which we are really looking forward to seeing implemented into the blockbuster movies we watch and love.

So what epic movies should we expect for 2021?

Godzilla VS Kong;

We all know the two massively iconic monsters. Both are pure classics, who we have watched for ages. King Kong has been climbing up skyscrapers on the big screen since 1933, while Godzilla’s been a part of the movie entertainment world since 1954. Both flagship characters kept making numerous hits in the movie scene, with new films coming out for both series constantly. We have seen Godzilla and Kong battle it out once already, back in 1963. For sure the improvement from the classic battle to the one coming out next year, which will be directed by a famous horror movie director named Adam Wingard, will be immense. Not only has there been 70 years of non-stop advancement in movie and CGI technology, it’s also going to be produced on a much bigger budget, with much more experience, and on a much, much bigger scale. It’s unfortunate that the movie had to be delayed from its original release date, which was said to be November 20, considering they had to face a major set back due to the coronavirus regulations.

Fast & Furious 9

The Fast and Furious franchise is the pinnacle of bombastic, epic high-speed action blockbuster movies. It has been since day one, when “The Fast and The Furious” was released. Back in 2001. Since then, 8 more movies were released, each one bigger, badder and more successful than its predecessor, earning more money at the box office, and growing the franchise even larger by increasing their massive fanbase with every new release. The last two movies were awesome, “Fast 8” was a hell of a roller coaster ride, while “Hobbs & Shaw” was a great way to lay off the main character base a bit, without abandoning the main storyline, which is fundamental for the series. In 2021, the 10th movie is coming out, named “Fast & Furious 9”. From what we know till now, the main characters are coming back, with a twist! Apparently, Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) has to come up against his baddest, most skilled rival yet, an unforeseen, forsaken long lost brother, Jakob Toretto, who will be starred by the one and only John Cena! Bet you couldn’t see that one coming did you? Oh we’re really looking forward to seeing what this one will have to offer!

For sure there’s plenty more movies that are coming out next year, which might be even bigger than the two highly-anticipated releases above. We all know how unpredictable the blockbuster movie industry can be, and we’re seeing a larger variety and abundance of really good movies that are worth watching. It’s not just about appreciating the effort put into writing the story, the more time passes by, the more our appreciation is shifting towards the efforts and incredible outcomes brought by the special effects and CGI professionals, who make any properly budgeted movie look ultra badass, and as real as it can get.