It’s time, once again, for the On DVD series featuring new releases from Universal, Paramount & Sony Home Entertainment.

The House with a Clock in its Walls
Though nothing to really write home about in the grand scheme of epic kids films, this Jack Black/Cate Blanchett adaptation of the book by the same name is exactly the sort of film worth seeing on Blu-ray (or DVD or Digital, this set has all three). The effects really sparkle in high definition and a treasure trove of bonus features takes you into how the effects were accomplished and how the filmmakers approached adapting established material. This isn’t the sort of movie that’s likely to be many kids’ favourite but it may be the Blu-ray that inspires a few to be filmmakers.

Mission: Impossible- Fallout
Critics and audiences flipped for the sixth instalment of the best action franchise in Hollywood (don’t @ me, Fast & Furious fans) and it’s not difficult to see why. M:I‘s built up a great supporting cast of characters around their central icon and the stunts are always to die for. Too bad the DVD release has zero special features (for that you have to spring for the Blu-ray). While I’m definitely more a Rogue Nation/Ghost Protocol person, Fallout is essential collector’s material.

The Equalizer 2
Pass. What a dumb movie. Decent special features on this Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo pack though.

I loved this scrappy thriller. The all-computer premise could have easily felt like a gimmick but it’s backed by excellent storytelling and an anchor performance from John Cho that is argument number 472 that John Cho should be a Hollywood go-to far more than he is. The special features on the Blu-ray/Digital (sorry, DVD) set are somewhat sparse but the ones that are there are interesting, including an audio commentary which is the gold standard of special features.

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero
Guys, this is an animated true story about a stray dog who became a war hero during WWI! We have too many world war movies and just enough dog movies but my heart DEFINITELY has room for one more. All the tears.