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Operus is a theatrical metal band based in Toronto. Grounded in international experience and classical musical training, the Darkstar Records-signed group is a unique and bold presence making epic music. We caught up with lead vocalist David Michael Moote to spotlight what’s coming up for the band.

The band consists of:
David Michael Moote – Lead Vocals
Robin Howe – Cello/Backing Vocals
Rob Holden – Guitar
Oscar Rangel- Guitar/Backing Vocals/Growls
Wojtek Sokolowski – Bass/Backing Vocals
J.J. Tartaglia – Drums

Check them out this coming Saturday, June 9th at The Opera House in Toronto.

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

Sports and music were the only two things that I ever felt I was really good at, and that came naturally to me. I fractured my skull playing rugby when I was 17. After that, I started focusing my efforts on music and the arts.

How did you develop your skills? 

I started singing lessons when I was 6 or 7. Joined a choir soon after that. Went to an arts school. Did theatre as a kid too. McGill for classical voice. I think I developed with a combination of choirs and groups, as well as taking lessons privately and solo stuff. Choirs definitely helped me a lot with my musicianship.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Well I can’t deny that I have a heavy classical influence. I used to listen to Rammstein to pump me up before Football games. Loved Hip Hop in high school. I am really all over the place. Recently I listen to a lot of Metal to keep up on the genre. We had the opportunity to open for Rhapsody on tour in Mexico this year. Fabio Lione is an incredible singer.

How did the band come together? 

They actually found me through a Facebook group for musical theatre performers. They had just parted ways with their old singer. It was a dream scenario, they had an album already recorded, and just needed me to learn some of their old tunes, and write new lyrics and vocal melodies.

How would you describe your sound?

Symphonic/Power Metal. I like to think of it as Theatre Metal

What’s your favourite tune in the band’s repertoire and why?

‘Coliseum’- It’s one of the first songs I wrote lyrics and the vocal melody too. The song has so much energy and I love the story line.

‘Fate’s Pantomime’- It’s an epic song. It’s got super fast heavy sections as well as some beautiful melodic slower sections. Awesome song to play live.

What can audiences expect from one of your live shows? 

I don’t think one can really fall in love with metal until they see a live show. Audiences can expect a real spectacle. We are continuing to build our live performance, including technical and staged aspects. Our show has tons of energy and incredible playing.

Where can we find your music?

Come see us Saturday June 9 at the Opera House. Doors at 8pm. We will go on around 11:00. Some great bands at this show as well.

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