Orange is the New Black Season 3 3-7Episodes three through seven (“Empathy is a Boner Killer,” “Finger in the Dyke,” Fake it Till you Fake it some More,” “Ching Chong Chang,” and “Tongue-Tied,”) saw some big changes at Litchfied.

First of all we need to get Nicky’s horrible exit out of the way. During “Empathy is a Boner Killer,” we saw the effects of Nicky’s addiction both in the past and the present. As we know, Nicky and Big Boo were planning to sell the heroin, but it had mysteriously been stolen.

It turns out that Nicky stole it herself, then it really did get stolen, but Nicky got it back. It looked like everything was going to be okay. Luschek got rid of the drugs right before Caputo came to search for them. Unfortunately, Nicky kept some for herself and Luschek gave her away when they tried to pin it on him. And Nicky was promptly sent to max. This was one of the most upsetting moments on OITNB. It was devastating to see the look of fear on Nicky’s face as they took her to max. And what’s worse? We may never see her again!

Meanwhile, in “Empathy is a Boner Killer,” Healy and Red started to make a connection. Throughout the next coupe of episodes, it really looked like Healy and Red were going to get together, which was horrifying. I was freaking out thinking this could be a real thing. Luckily, Red was just using Healy to get back into the kitchen. Honestly, if this had turned out to have been real, it would have been way too much.

Caputo, meanwhile, learned that he could get a private company to buy Litchfield. Over the next few episodes, he convinced them to buy the prison, but things did not end up working out.

First of all, they have some of the women making lingerie. In “Tongue-Tied,” Piper comes up with the horrible idea to make extra pairs of underwear, have inmates wear them, and then sell them to gross men on the Internet. Horrible, horrible plan, Piper. She’s just getting worse and worse, in my opinion.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that the private company has no idea what it’s doing. They’re sending in untrained new guards while the old guards are losing their hours and benefits. I have no idea what to think about this new guy, but things are going from bad to worse. Maybe they’ll go on strike?

Over the next few episodes we learned about Big Boo’s battle with her parents to be who she truly is, how Flaca went to prison for selling a classmate fake drugs, as well as Chang’s unique life in prison and her backstory, and Norma’s backstory and how the inmates now think she has magical powers.

I found Chang and Norma’s backstories to be really interesting. Chang’s brother had made an agreement with a man and was going to give Chang to him to be his wife, but the man rejected her. After getting involved with some crime, Chang got her revenge and had the man killed.

Norma, meanwhile, ended up in some cult with a guru. He really beat her down, but she got her revenge when she shoved him off a cliff. And Norma’s story has really shown her sticking up for herself. Back in the present, Norma finally stuck up to Red, which I loved.

Of course, the big part of these episodes was Ruby Rose’s debut. I was so excited to see Ruby Rose ever since I heard she was coming on Orange is the New Black. And I can’t wait to see more. Right now, she’s just decided to help Piper with her underwear business, and they’re obviously going to get together, which will cause tension with Alex. But I just can’t wait to see more of her character.