Girls - Ask Me My NameIn Girls’ “Ask Me My Name,” Hannah is getting into her life as a substitute teacher and immediately hits it off with another teacher named Fran. He asks Hannah on a date and it goes pretty well until Hannah suggests they go to an art show she knows will be terrible. Seriously. Can Hannah just have a nice date with a guy named Fran?

Nope. Hannah brought Fran to Mimi-Rose Howard’s art show. Needless to say things get awkward fast. Her friends are weirded out, Adam’s pissed, and Fran quickly makes his exit.

The only one who isn’t uncomfortable? Mimi-Rose Howard, who suggests she and Hannah share a cab to the after party while Adam shares one with her ex-partner Ace played by Zachary Quinto. Let’s just get this out of the way. Zachary Quinto was amazing. I could not get enough of him and his ridiculous toothbrush. It was perfect.

Adam, however, did not think Ace was quite as awesome as I did, especially after Ace told Adam that Mimi-Rose was manipulative and was all an act and then jokingly but not jokingly told Adam that he’s going to get Mimi-Rose back.

Adam told Jessa about his conversation with Ace, and it turns out that she only set Adam and Mimi-Rose up so that she could be with Ace. She’s not too worried, though. She’ll be pregnant with his twins by May.

Hannah and Mimi-Rose, however, had quite the adventure. At first, it was super passive-aggressive and awkward. Their cab even hit an old woman with a walker thanks to Hannah.

Finally, Hannah and Mimi-Rose had a real heart-to-heart about everything from Mimi-Rose’s art, to Hannah not making it as a writer, to, yes, Adam and how Mimi-Rose stole him.

By the end of “Ask Me My Name,” Hannah went up to Adam and told him that she actually liked Mimi-Rose and that she gets it now. She left the party and went to get food. She tried to be more like Mimi-Rose, introducing herself to the guy behind the counter. Unfortunately, that kind of thing only works for people like Mimi-Rose.