lau lapidesWe have seen through the past two decades how women have taken center stage in various industries, one of them being the music industry. Women like Neeta Ragoowansi, President of Women In Music, Roe Gallo, Product Manager, ADA Distribution/Warner Music Group and Christina Kotsamanidis, Press Relations for Atlantic Records. Then there are the women who serve the independent and up an coming artists hungry for success.

Lau Lapides is an inspiration for women in the independent entertainment industry. Her company is a boutique coaching company that offers a team of highly qualified coaches who are currently working in the industry and are teaching, directing, writing, producing along with other projects industry related!

“We offer one to one coaching in the craft and technique of acting and voice over as well as the business tools and marketing skills that will help our clients get to the next level in their career. We also act as a “Casting Conduit” in organizing and hosting events that offer a direct audition experience for the client to be seen in front of the industry rainmakers for potential work in theatre, film, and TV projects. We also have master conservatory-style classes, Intensives and semi-privates at our Boston-based and Mid-twon Manhattan based studios. We work with a global based clientele in person, by phone and via Skype! We work in areas such as breathing, speech, copy interpretation, making strong actor choices, we create industry standard voice over demos and actor reels at our state of the art studio facility. We help build client’s confidence and find their voice!  Being a coach is one of the most fulfilling careers in the industry.”

Lau was always involved in  performing, dancing, acting in musicals as a kid then as an adult in Regional, Repertory, Stock Theatre and TV from commercials on camera and voice over’s. Lau in her 20’s was accepted into the nation’s top MFA acting program at the University of California, Irvine. In turn, she was offered a full tuition scholarship along with a Teacher Assistantship for her three year residency in the program.

“There I really honed my acting craft and was exposed to mentors and colleagues who helped me learn and master teaching acting to undergraduates and directing projects for colleagues. I also was awarded an ArtsBridge Scholarship to go out into the community and teach high school Improvisation and Acting. It was bootcamp for my soul and really solidified that I was making the perfect choice to have a career in the industry.”

After receiving her degree and showcasing in LA and NY she found herself cast in a myriad of provocative roles.  On of the most challenging roles in a play that had originally debuted in London and had their first debut in the states entitled “Talking to Terrorists,” with The Sugan Theatre in Boston. She played three different roles a British Missionary, an Egyptian Terrorist supporter and a maid. Lau admitted it was not an easy task to switch roles/identities without skipping a beat. She realized that in order to be successful in reaching her audience one needed to be truly in the moment and delve into their character to be convincing.

She then landed in the college and university career circuit holding faculty positions at institutions such as Babson College, Bentley University, Boston University, Quincy College and others. Her role encompassed teaching various courses within ten years including Acting 101, Improvisation, Oral Communications to The History of the British Theatre.

The latter was interesting as she would take her undergrads to London for a few weeks to study the British stage.

“That was by far my favorite of all of my teaching experiences and I did this for 4 years straight! We would see about a dozen shows in our visit, take back stage tours, visit with British “stars” of the stage, take walking tours and create projects incorporating our time there. It was amazing!”

Studio Singer Lau soon felt that she needed to branch out and offer her knowledge and services in another form. In 2009 she launched the “brain child” of lau lapides company a company formed to coach individuals entering the field of acting, voice overs, singing, and public speaking. The company has just celebrated its fourth year in operation.

The company has produced some exceptional students who have moved into doing voice over’s on radio and TV to actors leading Broadway roles. They recently hosted a NY Actor/Voice Over Showcase and fourteen to date have been called for agent meetings or immediate auditions.

Lau and her studio also teamed up on joint ventures with some Hollywood A-Listers like Voice Over Animation star Rob Paulsen (voice over Rafael and Donatello in The Ninja Turtles, Yakko Warner in Animaniacs) and most recently female animation VO star Debi Derryberry (voice of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, Speedy the Alka Seltzer guy, etc).

Her team is looking toward 2014 being a stellar year as they look to other offerings and to extend into more New York based projects. One of them in the making is Meet the Agent Night which will be on-line offerings and building a youth division and partnering with more top Agents and Casting Directors who are looking for fresh faces and talent. Lau Lapides and her company has become a staple in the industry for anyone entering the performing arts and entertainment industry.