borah'sbestof2012Okay, so My Books is not doing an awards thinggummy this year (hopefully one day). Basically, there are just too many great books out in the world and not enough people to properly keep tabs on them. And I’d rather not give short shrift, you know?

So in lieu of a proper AWARDS type thing, I’m just going to give recognition to my personal favorites from 2012 in very very made up and subjective categories of my own choosing. No one is surprised.  Anyway, here are the categories:

5 Favorite Fiction (Generally)

Books That Don’t Let Go


Great Graphic Novels

Series(es?) I’m Most Excited About

Wonderful Juvenile Young Readers

My Most Favorite Picture Books       

The books and many a thought on why they were so excellent and worthy of mention are on their way.

And in case you were wondering about their absence, the truth is, I just didn’t read much new Non-Fiction or Young Adult Fiction this year. Sorry. Maybe next time.

Although, let’s be honest, unless there are spies, pirates, or viruses, I’m going to skimp on my Non-Fiction (in case it was in some way unclear, I feel about most Non-Fiction the way that Ann Perkins feels about jogging: “I know it’s good for you, but at what cost?!”)

And Young Adult. …I have enjoyed it in the past. I sometimes enjoy it even today. But sometimes I just really have no desire to read about a break up, or … moody teenagers, generally. I WAS JUST THERE. I DON’T NEED TO GO BACK YET. I will give way to nostalgia when the memory’s a bit fainter. Maybe.