There’s not a lot that needs to be said about this, the best Video of the Week (day? how often am I supposed to do this feature again?) Ever! Basically, actress Mary McCormack (you remember her, the military gal who somehow ended up with Will Bailey) has a sister (Bridget Mary McCormack) in politics who saw a problem with the voting system. So Mary, as she do, gathered up her friends from her years on the greatest network drama in history, enlisted her favourite writer from her series In Plain Sight, and got to work to help her sister get elected and fix the voting situation in the process.

The result is a spectacular West Wing reunion- meets webisode- meets political ad (complete with “I’m Bridget Mary McCormack and I approve this message) that’s already clogged my newsfeed. John Cockrell musters a fantastic Sorkin impersonation in the dead-on writing and the show’s style comes back fully in tact with walk and talks, peek abouts, colloquial interruptions, witty riffs, and sentimental score. And everyone is back. And I mean everyone. Or, at least, everyone important who was around when Mary McCormack was-Josh, Toby, Will, CJ, Donna, Debbie, and, of course, President Bartlet. Cockrell nails each of the character voices perfectly and the actors slip right back into it as if not a day’s gone by. The only way this could be better is if Leo could’ve been there too.