Dear Parks and Recreation,

It was rocky at first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about you back in the days of Paul Schneider and the pit. But in our 3+ years together I’ve grown to love you more than almost anything else. Gone are the days when anyone who knows anything can get away with calling you an Office knockoff, because you’ve long surpassed that once-great show, becoming the best on the air.

My affection grew as April and Andy fell in love in the most character-perfect and simple of ways, as Anne grew into a tolerable character, as we got to see the soft side of Ron Swanson. And Leslie Knope, she led the charge, winning hearts like mine across the continent and beyond with her compassionate, enthusiastic and highly efficient ways.

But it wasn’t until Ben that I knew my love was that true over-the-moon world-series kind of love. I love Chris too, of course, but with his Star Wars-loving, Game of Thrones-ranting, chess strategy- spouting and Batman costume-wearing, it’s the sweet as pie accountant Ben who’s truly at the heart of my Parks & Rec love. When Tom and Donna rescued him from eating soup alone on a bench and brought him to Treat Yourself Day my heart leapt for joy. Because I love them too, and it’s nice when people are kind to socially awkward and golden hearted loners like my boy Ben.

Parks and Rec, I love you even when you’re at your worst (see: terrible jokes about Ron’s mom), which is why I can say to you that in your most recent episode you were truly at your best. The Pawnee Rangers, The Goddesses and The Swansons would be very proud.

With All My Love,