Never was a story of truer love than that of Troy and Abed. This week’s Community Valentine’s Day episode shined a light on one of TV’s greatest friendships as Troy and Abed struggled with the fact that they were both attracted to the same woman. Unlike many a bromance before them (Dawson and Pacey, Alan and Denny, hell let’s go all the way back to Arcite and Palamon), Troy and Abed were distressed more by the possibility of losing their friendship than by losing the girl. So they made a plan: they’d meet her at the dance and whomever she chooses, no hard feelings. It could have been a very flawed plan, but Abed’s highly logical brain allowed him to walk away happily when sexy librarian Maria (predictably) picked Troy. But here’s the rub: Troy couldn’t deal. He began obsessing over why she hadn’t chosen Abed, demanding “what was wrong with him?!” Troy was more defensive of his friend than Abed was of himself- true love! The deal breaker for Troy? “She called you weird!” Instantly, the girl he’d desperately wanted to date inspired a chorus of “I hate her, I hate her”s under his breath. Ladies and gentlemen, the best friendship on TV.

Also excellent on Community this week:

– Brita befriends someone who she mistakenly thinks is a lesbian who it turns out befriended her because she seems like a lesbian. It was a beautiful ode to political correctness as ignorance.

– “I’m a stylish American, I’ve been forcing myself to be interested in soccer since 2004”

– Jeff is noticeably upset when he doesn’t get the 37 voicemails he pretends to be dreading from his friends whom he’s ditched.

– The human side of Chang.

– A dark cliffhanger for Pierce which hopefully will have interesting consequences.

Maria: “he talked about the Saw franchise for 2 hours” (about Abed)
Troy: “it is 8 movies long! And the first one did completely redefine the genre…”