Normally, I find the Razzies (the annual ignominious movie awards given out to the worst movies of the year) pretty accurate. But this year, they decided to nominate The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and I gotta call bullshit.
Twilight: Eclipse is not great art, nor is it a fantastic movie bound to win over people who hate the series. HOWEVER, it is also not an awful, worthless movie a la most Razzie winners (or for that matter, previous Twilight installments). In fact, in terms of direction and acting, it’s actually the best of the series. It’s really cool to hate on Twilight because teen girls love it and teen girls are all ridiculous, hormone-ridden airheads, but that doesn’t make its inclusion on this list any less baloney.
The Razzies, reacting to the counter-culture desire to hate on all things Edward Cullen, is ignoring many far more worthy contenders for their ire, like Valentine’s Day (which made me chuck popcorn at the movie screen), Leap Year ( which made me audibly groan through half) and When In Rome (which came dangerously close to making me dislike Kristen Bell).