Top Chef had their uneventful reunion show this week. It served little purpose other than to put further salt in the wound of Kevin’s unexpected (read: not really deserved) victory. What was great though was that they announced that in December they’ll start their first ever All-Stars season. I love a good all-stars season. And while I’m sad that there’ll be no previous winners in it (and no Brian Voltaggio), there will be such awesome people as Spike, Marcel, Antonia, Carla, Fabio, Jen (the great one from the terrible Hosea season), Jen (the pretty cool one from the awesome Voltaggio season), Tiffany and Angelo. Look for the amazing Richard Blais to finally top the competition. Cannot wait!


Top Chef: Just Desserts returned for a second episode. There is something kinda badass about the original Top Chef. It’s trial by literal fire. Just Desserts is, well, fluffier, obviously. The chefs are certainly no less talented (they may even be more talented) and the skill set may even be harder (there’s no tasting a cake before you serve it, it’s chemistry and faith) but it just doesn’t have the cool factor that its predecessor does. It’s fun, but it’s just a little less thrilling. That said, it does have a good batch of crazy. Early favourite Seth (who looks delightfully like Michael C Hall) busted out many many childish tantrums and breakdowns in this episode alone, a highlight being the tearful pronouncement that “The Red Hots are for my mommy!” during a candy quickfire. His cool-headed bro (aka only other straight guy) Morgan stepped up in my estimation by flat out calling him an asshole on camera when he was being, well, an asshole. That said, he’s a talented chef and I feel bad that he’s being so ostracized. Clearly he’s got some screws loose and flipped out, treating people badly, but he apologized and tried to make up for it, and no one would let him back in- it was sad to watch. But bitchiness aside, these are talented chefs.  Zach’s quickfire desert was incredible and I have a feeling I’ll grow to really love Yigit and Erik the baker. It’s a good cast, though Malika definitely should have gone before Tim, I do not like that woman. And Gail, my favourite Top Chef judge, is a fine host alongside pretty darn cool head judge Johnny Iuzzini.


Survivor eliminated the macho guy (ironically named Shannon) from the young team that previously thought themselves indestructable. Despite some crazy behaviour from lunatic Holly, the older team pulled together nicely in this one and a mini-alliance formed between Jill and Marty that seems promising. I don’t know why but I’m looking for Yve to step up as a great player on that tribe. As for the youngins, they’re already having serious unity struggles, NaOnka is clearly a lunatic who inspires me to throw things at my screen and Brenda seems like trouble. I’d say Alina and Kelly B seem like the smartest of the young lot but something about the way Jud (aka Fabio) comported himself at tribal council was strangely impressive; he doesn’t seem that smart but he seems kind of smart, if you know what I mean, I like him.


Project Runway FINALLY eliminated their most obnoxious designer, Ivy. The woman was all attitude and construction skills without the design aesthetic to back it up, so glad she’s gone. Michael C landed in the bottom for the first time for what I thought was a fairly pretty dress and Andy landed back in the top with a truly monstrous “high fashion” creation. Valerie, an early frontrunner, had a breakdown and basically solidified her slow descent from finals material. Super annoying and egomaniacal Gretchen got lots of praise for a hideous velvet dressing gown thing but likable Christopher and April were safe. Mondo, easily my favourite designer/character of the lot took another win including a great prize of money and exposure for an awesome “very Mondo” colourful creation. I’m predicting a Mondo/Gretchen finale with that third spot up for grabs (my controversial pick: Michael C).


The Amazing Race returned with a new season and all sorts of arrogance (lots of boyfriends who think they’re boss, stupid blonds making up “mean girl” nicknames, etc…) and a couple teams worth rooting for (mainly the acappella guys, love them). I’m also going to make my prediction for this year’s winner right here and now: I think the doctors have a shot at being the first all-female team to make it, I really do; they’re athletic and smart with the type of relationship that’s unshakable enough to guarantee success. It promises to be a typical but entertaining season.