There aren’t that many things that are remarkable about ABC Family (except, perhaps, it’s strangely high ratings). However, every time I speak with one of its stars I find that they have some remarkable things to say: wisdom beyond their characters, if you will. So here is the first in a new series of quotable wisdom from the stars of ABC Family. Up first is 24-year-old TV vet Raven-Symone in an interview about her made-for-TV-movie Revenge of the Bridesmaids.

On sabotaging someone’s wedding (like she does in the movie): “[nobody] should ever do that, but it’s fun to have those tool up your sleeve just in case”. 

On sticking with comedy: “I just want somebody to watch what I do and just forget about the problems for that 30 minutes or an hour, or two hours and smile you know? Just smile for a second, it’s so much nicer than crying”.

On racism and homophobia: “We are in 2010; we need to get over it. Hello? We have a phone that can visually see people face to face, I think we can get over what color we are or what sex we like. I think we need to get over it”.

On TV content:We have to realize that it’s up to us to make a stand. If you have a problem with it or don’t like something or wish to see something [else], it’s still up to the people who are watching. If you don’t like something on TV, don’t watch it. Don’t leave your TV on it. Write in, don’t just blindly watch something just because someone says it’s cool”.

On friendship: “You have to be very loyal. If you’re there for them, they’ll be there for you”.