This week on 30 Rock, perennially single gal Liz Lemon met the perfect man. And as we’ve all known since way before he first figured out “it’s not [his] fault” thanks to Robin Williams , the perfect man is Matt Damon.


This is guest casting at its finest, like Brad Pitt playing the charter member of the I-Hate-Rachel-Green-Club or Michael J. Fox playing an obsessive compulsive doctor on Scrubs, where the fact that the character is played by a movie star adds to the already awesome fun of the episode and where their considerable personal charisma adds to the show rather than distracting. And who doesn’t occasionally need to see pilot Matt Damon goofy dance to a gospel choir?
Plus the episode was pretty top notch. Everything from the fun little meta-humor at the wedding with the melodramatic music playing during Avery and Jack’s final confrontation to the excellent one liners were classic 30 Rock. All in all, an excellent season capper to an uneven, if underrated, season of a still excellent show.
Quotable Quotes:
“Yeah I’m a doorman, to the sky.” (Astronaut Matt Damon*)
“Sky law, it’s when I turn on the fasten seat belt light and nobody’s allowed to talk until I get ten minutes of silence. I made it up, but people are stupid.”
“You know what a good pilot would have done, not hit the birds. That’s what I do every day, not hit birds. Where’s my grammy invitation?”

“I hate people too.” (Liz, explaining how perfect the two are for each other)

Season Grade: B-
Season Finale Grade: A
*I’m aware he was a pilot, not an astronaut.
**On a personal note, as a Boston girl replanted in Baltimore, I sort of loved that Jack’s two lady loves represented the excellent Bawlmer accent contrasted with the beautiful drunken stumbling of the Bah-ston accent.