In other semi-embarassing TV-watching-related news, my once passing fascination with the TV show version of Ten Things I Hate About You has turned into full blown obsession. As the show moves into its second season, it’s gotten even better, wittier, and more engaging. The characters have deepened, their relationships finally gone past the movie, and damn if Patrick Verona isn’t seventy degrees of sexy, even without the Australian accent. Kat Stratford continues to be one of the biggest badasses around, whether she’s ditching school on a motorcycle or “protesting for better lunch meat or whatever it is you white girls complain about.” (oh yeah, nice little meta-joke for all us old timers who remember the movie imbedded in the most recent episode). Even Bianca is getting some much needed fun, thanks to storylines that don’t ask her to just parade after popularity and instead bring her character human things to do, like trying to redefine her relationship with Cameron given that she shut him down.

The point of this little post, besides my inherently confessional nature, is that all of Season Two is on Hulu, and they’re perfect little half hour trifles that are thuroughly enjoyable, reusable, and entertaining. So go Green, My TV Blog readers, and enjoy an episode of 10 Things.