Readers of this blog may notice a pattern. We at My Theatre are very fond of quoting, referencing and generally expressing our love for something called Slings & Arrows. In case this has confused you greatly, I’m here to clear it up. Slings is a Canadian TV show about a Shakespeare company. It’s “a comedy about drama” if you will. Starring stage greats Paul Gross, Martha Burns and Stephen Ouimette and based on The Stratford Shakespeare Festival (my personal favourite classical theatre hub worldwide), Slings finds a way to be relevant to almost any Shakespearean discussion that pops up on My Theatre. Luckily for you, My Theatre is part of a larger organization, My Entertainment World, which has a television component far more developed and established than this. My TV is the place to go for the low down on what Slings is all about so Click Here to read and article I wrote on the subject many moons ago (Feb, 08) and read our coming posts with nods of recognition instead of glares of confusion.