It may have been a thoroughly mediocre episode but Accidentally on Purpose returned last night and had at least one smile-worthy moment:

Zack: My instincts about people are way better than yours.
Billie: Why do you say that?
Zack:Well, you picked me but I picked you.

In other Wednesday night comedy news, Ugly Betty is one week away from the end. In the past two weeks (both badly written but oddly endearing episodes) we’ve gotten great closure on lots of fronts (including the reappearance of my beloved Christopher Gorham). Hilda’s wedding was beautiful (LOVE Bobby); I’m loving Marc’s arc and Michael Urie remains a God of television; I’m so happy for Justin and his incredibly adorable new boyfriend; I’m glad that Laguerta is back in Ignacio’s arms (her name’s actually Elena, played by Lauren Velez but she’ll always be Dexter‘s Laguerta to me); I like that Betty’s leaving fashion; I love that Amanda’s found a purpose (and a daddy!); I hate the Tyler storyline (kill me, I’m so bored); and though I despise the idea of getting Betty and Daniel together I love the time that’s being spent paying tribute to their 4 year growth as a pair. It’s been a very up and down journey for Ugly Betty but it seems to be ending on the promise of an high note.