Because of all the fanatics and theorists out there, it’s hard to do justice to a review of Lost. Sadly, there aren’t enough hours in the day to focus on every single scene and analyze every single reference (especially when one is not getting paid to do so). Thus, instead of thoroughly reviewing what I believe to be the most exciting episode this season I present you with some thoughts about “Sundown”:

1/ Good and Evil: Throughout the series, the simple struggle between good and evil has always been apparent. Recently Smokie (aka Locke as the Man in Black) chucked a white stone off of the scale in the cave and let the black stone remain. Colors are clearly representative of good and evil. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen color references in Lost (the backgammon pieces, a black and white stone are found in the bodies of the so-called Adam and Eve, the colors of Dharma’s logo, the ticker on the button timer is black and white, the color of the panda bear Jin buys, the color of the killer whale Aaron owns, Jacob’s clothing colors versus the Man in Blacks, Jack previously references the black and white kittens from Alice in Wonderland….the list goes on!). If there’s one thing for certain it’s that the nature of good and evil is a huge theme and chances are Jacob and Smokie are on different sides of the battle. I personally refuse to assume Jacob is good simple because of his association with white, and we should never assume as much until it’s made clear. My prediction: we will never actually know. Like most of the character’s own morals, there is no clear distinction between good and evil and I think assuming that one is right and one is wrong is a faulty way of thinking.

2/ Is Sideways World Really Real?- There’s been lots of speculation about whether or not this sideways world is an alternate reality or if it’s actually the real world. My guess is it’s the future…yea, yea, I know we already saw the future…but this is the real future of the show/end of it! In tonight’s episode Smokie promised Sayid that he would get the one thing he wanted. Sayid says that the one thing he wants died in his arms, and Smokie says “wouldn’t you like to see that thing again?” This could be interpreted two ways. First, Nadia is the girl he’s talking about. If this is the case then we already know he sees her in his sideways world and this would explain why they aren’t together. Smokie promised he would see her, not that he would be with her. The second interpretation is that perhaps (though I doubt it) Shannon is the girl he’s talking about. Multiple sources have already confirmed that Maggie Grace will return for an episode so we can assume she too will appear in the sideways world (and possibly in Sayid’s life). If this happens, then once again it could support the idea that sideways world is the future. Maybe Smokie rewards the castaways by recreating the plane ride and sideways world is really their lives with some necessary additions.

3/ The Army is Building- The castaways are finally creating a rift among the group. Smokie has managed to get both Claire and Sawyer on his side. After tonight’s dramatic ending, he somehow convinced Sayid to join him and killed everyone who was not willing save a few important cast members. The episode ends with Kate looking on as the new group follows Smokie out and the audience left wondering if Kate is the newest addition to team Smokie.

4/ The Resistance?- Opposing the army of Smokie’s we have Illana, Ben, Sun, and now Miles who luckily were saved by Illana’s secret passage. Expect to see Richard join them soon and discover his connection to Illana (cause there has to be something important going on there). Jin might be part of team Smokie since he was last seen with Claire, which would certainly make is reconciliation with Sun entertaining and a bit awkward. Hurley and Jack have yet to jump on any one’s camp, but Hurley will likely be sticking with ghost Jacob for a while. My bet is Jack is the last of the castaways to pick a side after Hurley is manipulated by Smokie (interestingly enough episode 11 is “Everybody Loves Hugo” and episode 12 is “The Last Recruit”…translation: 11 finds Hurley latching on to team Smokie and 12 finds Jack at the center as their last needed recruit).

5/The Infection- Every one’s been waiting for the moment when Sayid’s infection finally brings out the evil in him. In typical Lost fashion, it’s hard to tell if the infection drove him to kill Dogen and Lennon or if it was Smokie’s persuasion. Hopefully we’ll find out. Either way I’m happy to see those two annoying additions bite the dust…can Illana be next please?

6/ Will Ben Die?- The trailer for next week teases that Ben will face his own demise. While this is clearly a ploy to make us watch, part of me truly believes it’s Ben’s time. This was a character who has been with us since season two and is clearly of some importance but has not played center stage in a while. When Illana and company jumped into their secret passage Ben was no where in sight. I predict a very lonely Ben fighting for his life next week….and losing it.