Let me introduce you to “My Theatre” a new theatre blog and the newest addition to “My Entertainment World”. Fans of “My TV” will be familiar with the format of this new blog. Here myself and other hand-selected theatre lovers will share our thoughts on the latest in the world of theatre, be that criticism of recent casting news, reviews of current touring productions, theoretical discussions of our favourite plays or praise for a local college production.

We’ll cover everything from the Toronto Fringe Festival to Broadway’s biggest hits to Boston’s Actor’s Shakespeare Project and everything in between. You can read about our all-time favourite Eponines, the challenges of translating Hamlet from the page to the stage, our thoughts on what we’ve seen recently (student, professional and all other types of productions) and even screen adaptations of our favourite shows.

So, welcome all to “My Theatre”. Please turn off your cellphones, avoid using flash photography and enjoy the show.

Onward ho!