From week one of Project Runway‘s 7th season I’ve had a standout favourite. However, this is the first time ever that my favourite seems to be everyone else’s too. Seth Aaron is not only a front runner (a Bryant Park shoe-in, not to mention my forecasted winner) but a fan favourite and the designer most in demand by the models. He’s won 2 challenges and been in the top 3 almost every week. His model consistently likes their look. The judges rave about him. The other designers all love working with and around him. The models all confess in their interviews to wanting him to chose them. His muse model (Valeria, whom he’s chosen almost every week) even turned down a high-paying, high-profile print job this week in order to stay and work with him, she barely even considered leaving. If Valeria was working with any other designer in the competition, I’d bet money that she’d have taken that job. But Seth Aaron’s different. The man’s got it all: superb construction skills, a unique voice, an artistic eye, stylish taste, a sense of tradition, a definite edge, a sense of self, outstanding teamwork, a good workroom manner, a sense of humour, a serious side, natural charisma and a Paul Gross meets Johnny Depp thing going on. He’s the star of the show, but never shows any signs of knowing that. The only designer in a position to come close to rivaling him is Emilio, and even he’s a bit of a second fiddle to Seth Aaron’s awesomosity if Tim’s reaction to Emilio’s print this week was any indication. This is Seth Aaron’s game to lose but even if he does,  he’s already won me over forever. Me and everyone else.