In anticipation of Tuesday’s Lost premiere, here is a list of the top 5 seasons and some things to hate/love about them.

Countdown to the Best Seasons of Lost

5/ Season 4
While the fourth season did not have as many stand out moments, the ones it did have slightly out performed those of the last season. The big question this season revolved around the rescuers, who they were working for, what they wanted, and if they would in fact rescue anyone. The rescuers themselves were not all that interesting but they brought a great deal of unforgettable drama. Once they made it clear that Ben’s death was the ultimate goal, the others quickly became pawns in the game. The entire season built up to the rescue of the Oceanic 6 and began the elimination of flashbacks in exchange for flash forwards. While the back stories will be missed, the future ones were a nice replacement. Most notably of them was Kate and Jack’s future love and turmoil. Because of the Oceanic 6, season four became a pivotal turning point for the series, yet it just misses the bottom spot due to some less than exciting subplots.

Things to love about the season:
-The inevitable rescue of the Oceanic 6
-Flash forwards. All of the rescued survivors had intriguing futures, almost as interesting as their pasts.
-Future Sun who kicks a lot of ass and takes names.
-Claire goes missing. What happened?
-Jack and Kate finally get together
-Locke becomes the island leader
-The island is moved
-The Ocean 6’s return home
-The freighter blows up
-Sawyer’s sacrifice for Kate
-Sun’s emotional helicopter departure

Things to hate about the season:
-The addition of the rescue crew who were not all that interesting (Daniel excluded)
-Michael’s attempt at forgiveness
-The freighter folk. We get that they are working for Whidmore and want Ben dead but again they prove to be flat, lame characters.
-Premature deaths of Alex and Rousseau
-Jack and Kate don’t work out

4/ Season 5
Don’t get me wrong, no season of Lost really deserves the title of “worst season” because quite frankly the words “worst” and “Lost” should never be in the same sentence. That being said, season five was possible the weakest season. The majority of this latest season toggled between the surviving Oceanic 6 and the castaways who were still stranded on the island. The addition of new characters Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles proved to be lack luster at best. Daniel continued to be one of the only interesting newcomers on the island, while Charlotte’s death was, like so many other new additions, long overdue. Miles’ “I see dead people” shtick will obviously come in handy for the final season, but he never offered much minus the revelation of his father. But that was the major problem with this fifth year: everything clearly was building up for the final season. As with most great movie series, the penultimate story is never quite as good as the original or the finale (fingers crossed).

Things to love about the season:
-More badass Sun
-Kate’s newfound maternal self
-Glimpses into Rousseau’s island life
-Crazy time travel jumping
-Locke’s death
-Sawyer (his best season yet hands down)
-Sawyer and Juliet. Everything about their relationship made sense down to Juliet’s realization that she loved him more than he would ever love her. It may have never been spoken, but Juliet picked up on the hints and it was beautifully acted.
-Ben vs. Whidmore: WHO WILL WIN?!?!
-Kate’s favor for Sawyer
-Jacob is revealed
-The last 5 minutes=amazing.

Things to hate about the season:
-316ers. There are enough groups in the island without adding another mysterious lot…but we’ll give the writers the benefit of the doubt that something good is coming.
Dharma Initiative. While the addition of Sawyer and company to the Initiative was an interesting plot development, the non-castaway members were all far too boring and not a single one proved to be an interesting character.

3/ Season 1
This was probably the hardest decision. While season 2 is without a doubt one of the best freshman seasons of any television show, it did not have a lot of stand alone moments. After being introduced to the survivors of Ocean 815, the audience is given a bit of background into each character. It isn’t until later seasons that their flashbacks become more complex and much more entertaining. Season one also introduced watchers to some of the greatest mysteries: smoke monster, powers of the island, Jack’s father appearing on the island, the yellow plane filled with Virgin Mary’s, Claire’s kidnapping, the numbers, the hatch, etc. We also quickly learned there were others on the island, and thus the never ending saga begins. Season one also ended with one of the best cliffhangers when the hatch is opened and the Others finally appear, taking Michael with them.

Things to love about the season:
-Kate’s flashbacks
-The never ending Locke debate: who is this guy? Why is he so creepy? Is he good or bad?
-Sun and Jin’s relationships (and Michael’s third wheel status).
-The Skate and Jate love triangle begins.
-Rousseau arrives!
-Black smoke/the Others impending arrival

Things to hate about the season:
-Boone’s death. Too soon!
-Charlie’s flashbacks (they get better in later seasons)
-Hurley. He way be a lovable buffoon but in season one he was always my least favorite.

2/ Season 2
While watching season two, the only thing I lost was interest in this show. Upon careful re-watching, interest in ten times regained. With the introduction of the tailies, an entire new dynamic was found among the plane crash survivors and while the new group didn’t last, save Bernard, they still impacted the show in some severe ways. The biggest shock in Lost history rocked the island when Michael killed two of the tailies and saved Ben from captivity. Which brings us to one of the greatest additions to season two: BEN! He played with our minds and taught us never to trust anyone on the island. Season 2 brought numerous twists and turns to the plot and ended in another amazing cliffhanger.

Things to love about the season:
-The introduction of two great characters: Ben and Desmond.
-The raft buddies. Michael, Jin, and Sawyer all got a bit closer after the raft was destroyed and they were an entertaining group to watch.
Jin and Sun’s flashback to the beginning of their relationship (and her search for the missing wedding ring).
-The clever writing of “The Other 48 Days” which provided the necessary background for the tailies.
-Ana Lucia and Sawyer have some hot angry-sex.
-The mystery surrounded Henry Gail.
-Rose and Bernard finally get an amazing flashback.
-Michael’s missing days are revealed through flashbacks.
-The Others capture the losties.
-Locke stops entering the numbers.

Things to hate about the season:
-Echo’s “mightier than thou” attitude.
-Ana Lucia’s whinny nature.
-Ana Lucia killing Shannon…too soon!
-Those damn repetitive numbers.

1/ Season 3
Ask me tomorrow and I’ll probably have a different answer for my favorite season, but for now it’s definitely season three. This season had several amazing plot points but specifically the addition of Juliet and the focus on the Others places this season at the top. Juliet’s entire relationship with Jack and her subsequent banishment from the Others’ camp provided some of the best moments in Lost history. Furthermore, season three finally started giving viewers a bit more answers to questions such as who the Others are and what happened to Claire. At the end, the castaways are given a glimmer of hope for survival when a mysterious helicopter lands on the island with news of a boat awaiting to rescue them. The only problem? It’s not Penny’s boat and thus Charlie’s eventual sacrifice won’t actually save the survivors after all.

Things to love about the season:
-The opening few minutes when the civilized life is revealed to be happening on the island.
-Sun kills an Other.
-Juliet and Jack’s relationship.
-Jack takes control in Ben’s surgery and saves Kate and Sawyer in the process.
-Kate and Sawyer’s cage sex.
-Sawyer’s love for Kate is further developed and quite heartbreaking
-Mr. Eko dies (not soon enough!)
-Juliet helps Sawyer and Kate escape.
-Juliet begs Jack to kill Ben (notice the pattern of Juliet being in the best moments)
-Juliet’s flashback shows a connection to Ethan and her introduction to the island.
-Desmond’s prophecies (he can see the future/experience his flashbacks!).
-Locke blows up the submarine destroying Juliet and Jack’s hopes for survival.
-Juliet and Kate are handcuffed together and must help each other.
-Juliet’s entrance into the losties camp and her spy status.
-Juliet saves Claire and reveals the mystery of Claire’s kidnapping.
-Sun’s paternity test and possible impending death
-James kills his namesake
-Ben brings Lock to “Jacob”
-Charlie’s sacrifice for Claire

Things to hate about the season:
-Everything about Jack’s flashbacks in “Stranger in a Strange Land”
-Nikki and Paulo
-That’s all I got!