– The Foa Foa Foursome (Jaison being the only one I don’t absolutely adore)

– The New Scrubs (What is everyone complaining about? I think it hasn’t missed a beat)

The Princess and the Frog (It’s so good I thought I was back in 1994)

– The Top Chef Reunion Episode (It was the first time I really liked Jen!)

Better Off Ted Season 2 (Back and still fabulous)

– Mark Salling (For obvious reasons)

– The Being Erica Season 2 Finale (The perfect Kai sendoff)

Up in the Air (It’s as good as they say)

– Christine Baranski on The Big Bang Theory (She’s always, always good)

– The TV Addict Podcast (It’s back on a regular basis and I’m loving it yet again)

– John Krasinski on Conan (I caught a couple minutes of the interview, gosh he’s charming)

– Chuck & Blair (Way to let them stay together, you go producers!)