A few years ago I was obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. It was the number one show I looked forward to watching week after week. Several friendships were created over the show and I’m sure a few here or there were harmed by it (not being available on Thursday nights in college can be rather difficult for socializing). But then I lost interest. It was right after the whole GIzzie fiasco but I definitely don’t blame that relationship for ending my love, I simply got busy.

The reason I haven’t gone back is simple: I feared Grey’s would inevitably turn into the new ER: new characters every season, over-the-top drama, a few good actors but overall just a medical procedural.

I was done. But then…George died (or so I heard). I just had to go back and watch the premiere to see how the original interns reacted…their reactions sucked by the way. But then something even crazier happened, Grey’s really did become the new ER and a flood of Mercy Wester’s joined the cast.

The crazyness continues: I kind of love it again….or at least did for (most of) tonight’s episode. The whodunnit investigation kept me on the edge of my seat and the tension was so well played my heart was racing. The Chief actually scared me for once and typically I find him to be the most boring character in the series. Lexie was incredibly sympathetic with her emotionally inappropriate outburst. Yang showed a softer side when she saw the error of her ways and gave Reed some much needed back-up. Alex was heartwrenchingly adorable in his quest to contact Izzie and the ramifications of his hanging up on her. That big guy whose name nobody knows was annoying but in an incredibly watchable way. I also quickly fell in love with the adorable April who sort of exudes innocence and likability. I found myself easily interested in how these characters would continue to interact within the episode and the upcoming season. The only individual that drives me crazy is Reed. Granted, I may have an unfair bias against Reed and for April. Sarah Drew was one of the favorite actresses in Everwood and her portrayal of Hannah was spot on, while Reed was one of my least favorites in both Everwood and Heroes (she always comes off as a bit too bitchy).

So this brings me to my major problem with tonight’s episode: after 10 minutes I knew the ending would piss me off. The mystery behind whose fault it was for killing the patient was solved from the beginning, at least for those viewers who have any intelligence. April’s painstakingly obvious failure to check the patient’s throat was clearly always going to big the big mistake. And if you are anyone who ever reads television blogs (which clearly you are) then you probably already knew that someone was getting fired on tonight’s episode. So the amazingly talented Sarah Drew is no longer on the cast, and quite frankly I now dislike Reed even more for giving up her friend and also being just as distracted and calling attention to what initially distracted April.

DAMN YOU GREY’S!!!! Way to get rid of the most exciting new character.

Granted, I still liked the episode even knowing the end of the mystery so I suppose that’s saying something…I’ll be back next week.