First we lost Shane Sparks, then Wade Robson cut back to a routine or two a year, now the choreographer universally acknowledged to be a genius, Mia Michaels, is also leaving So You Think You Can Dance. The creator of countless memorable contemporary pieces and very few mediocre ones, Mia was the highlight of almost every show. With Adam Shankman as the permanent third judge, we knew we’d be getting a little less Mia this year but I was holding out hope that that meant more of her choreography in place of her harsh but fair judging. But no, it means no Mia at all. Nigel apparently has left the door open for her to return whenever she likes though, so I imagine there’ll be maybe one or two “very special Mia Michaels routines” per season. And she only specifically announced that she was resigning from the American show, maybe Canada will still be graced with her presence from time to time: hey, we can dream.
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As a final tribute to the fan-favourite, here are My TV’s favourite Mia routines:

The Group Dances:
5. Season 3: “The Moment I Said It”, Top 10
4. Season 5: “Higher Ground”, Top 18
3. Season 4: The Highland Dance, Top 4
2. Canada Season 1: “Any Other World”, Top 10
1. Season 4: “Ave Maria” Top 5 girls

The Best Couples Dances:
1o. Season 3: “Dancing”, Lacey & Kameron
9. Season 3: “Let the Drummer Kick”, Lauren & Neil
8. Season 5: The Butt Dance, Evan & Randi
7. Season 4: The Door Routine, Katee & Twitch
6. Season 4: The Bed Routine, Twitch & Kherington
5. Season 4: “Hometown Glory”, Katee & Joshua
4. Season 5: The Addiction Dance, Kayla & Kupono
3. Season 5: The Layers Dance, Kayla & Jeanine
2. Season 2: The Bench Routine, Travis & Heidi
1. Season 3: “The You Look At Me”, Danny & Lauren