The employees of Seattle Grace may be suffering under their seige, but the new orange-scrubed doctors who’ve landed on Grey’s Anatomy have some comfortingly familiar faces, even if their names need to be looked up on IMDB.

Nora Zehetner (aka Colin’s sister from Everwood) was extremely annoying,
Robert Baker (aka Leo from Valentine) was easily the most interesting new guy
and Sarah Drew (Hannah from Everwood– ok, I knew that one without IMDB) was ok I guess.

In Other Grey’s news:
– Kathleen Wolhoite (aka Luke’s sister on Gilmore Girls) guest starred as a patient’s daughter.
– Sandra Oh cried but it was far from her best performance
– Callie’s story was really affecting, even if a little preachy (familiar face Hector Elizondo reappeared as her father)
– Izzie’s George-related meltdowns were great
– Justin Chambers was amazing, as always, but even more so.