Okay. I’m currently watching the New Orleans auditions on So You Think You Can Dance and can I just say that I love Mary Murphy. I’m a newcomer to SYTYCD and this summer was the first time I watched it. I thought Mary was annoying, plastic, and way too loud. But what really annoyed me was her lack of skills when it comes to judging auditions. I mean, she is definitely skilled at judging the dancing, but she clearly lets Nigel make all the decisions.

Well, tonight Nigel was MIA and Mary was totally on game. I love her! She actually disagreed with some of the judges….which is the first time I’ve ever seen her do it.

Tonight was entirely Mary focused…and I loved it.

Her rules of what not to do=so funny. MALE BOOTY SHAKING!!!

Please get rid of Nigel and let Mary run this show.