30 October 2009

Farewell Koji

By // TV

The worst thing about this week’s Project Runway elimination of slow-talking hipster designer Logan was that his model was eliminated alongside him. Koji was my favourite model from day one with her edgy look, down to earth attitude, motherly nature and guitar playing, Irish brogue-ing, fun and genuine energy. It seemed that every single week Koji would be the last model saved from elimination, and every week I breathed a sigh of relief that the sanest girl in the house lived to walk another day. Sadly, with Logan’s elimination, the last designer hip enough to work with Koji’s look has left the show, leaving her as the odd woman out in a race filled with designers who are very loyal to their favourite models. Though Models of the Runway continues to be the perfect little post-PR treat, it’ll be just a little less fun without Koji there to root for. So who to throw that support behind? I’m saying Go Katie Go!


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