Community may just be the best written show on television. The lines in Community could be the most quotable, loveable wonderful television shows on the air. Emotional breakdown that starts with a teary eyed, “I’ve peed alone my whole life?” Check. Fun, only slightly-dated popular culture references that also serve as character analysis? “Annie also said she found Benjamin Button compelling. She’s a smart girl, but sometimes she’s JUST wrong.” Double check.

So far, they’ve walked a brilliant line between caustic satire of ridiculousness, hearty gooey typical televisiony-ness, and wonderful, lightning fast one liners that are at once topical, witty, and completely unexpected. With a show that is so interested in just tossing jokes out at the speed of light, it would be easy to lose sight of the plot. Yet every episode thus far has deepened one of the supporting players, shown us fascinating new sides of Jeff, and also provided some surprisingly timely satire.

Take for example this exchange:

Annie: You’re right, I could never be as good [at manipulating people] as you, probably because I actually care.
Jeff: True, but technically meaningless. And don’t try and do that thing that girls do where they walk away and try to make you feel like crap, because it won’t work… Crap.

It was at deeply funny and witty and served as a brilliant character moment for both characters. Annie realized the depth of her feelings for Troy, and Jeff had a defining moment of breaking through his own crap and giving up his own selfishness.

In summary, Community is the kind of brilliant that where it’s almost unfathomable it made it on the air.


  • “I think not being racist… is the new racist.” (Jeff about the attempt to make a Human Being mascot)
  • “Bing Bong sing along. You’re teams Al Gores cause your views are wrong.” (Troy’s ridiculous conservative rap)
  • Every part of the discussion of Jeff’s hair.
  • Jeff: I just think we were both wrong.

Annie: Really? Because I’m an 18 year old girl and you made me cry in public.

Jeff: Okay… maybe I was a little more wrong.

  • “We solved racism. What’s next?” “Maybe we should do something for little people.”