1) I love Ellen but don’t you think that an American Idol permanent judge should know at least something about the music industry? The recent announcement that Ellen will be taking Paula Abdul’s spot at the judging table already annoys me- and I don’t even watch the show.

2) What I do watch, however, is So You Think You Can Dance, where they seem to be following up one bad decision with another. Not only is the show airing a sixth season almost immediately after the fifth and thus putting all their fans on dance overdrive that’s going to lead to fewer viewers (in all fairness, that was a FOX decision, and they’re not good decision makers over at FOX), but now they’ve announced that fan favourite Adam Shankman will be taking over as the permanent third judge with Nigel and Mary. Ok, so out of all the judges they could have picked, I’m glad they went with Shankman, he’s really grown on me over the last couple seasons and become one of my favourites, and since he doesn’t often choreograph for the show, having him on the panel doesn’t diminish the quality of the dance the way it does when Mia is judging and thus can’t choreograph. That said, I always really liked that SYTYCD had a rotating judging table; because the choreographers both worked with the dancers and judged them on different weeks they had a knowledge and understanding of them as people that helped their judging. It also kept me from getting tired of the third judge’s comments (like I am of Nigel and Mary at this point). While I’m happy that we’re getting more Adam, I sure will miss Mia, Tabitha, Napoleon, Tyce and even Lil C (not so much pretentious Debbie Allen or that woman who always talks about being from “the street” though).