After waiting weeks for the finale of True Blood, I found myself having to wait a few more days in eager anticipation of the finale. What keep me waiting? Honestly, I had other priorities such as the Big Brother finale, the season premiere of Gossip Girl, and the series premiere of Vampire Diaries (okay that last one is totally no excuse).

So finally on my first day off since the finale…I finally got to see Sookie and company take down Maryanne. And it was pretty satisfying for the most part.

The episode begins right in the height of the action. Sookie learns that she will be the bridesmaid at Maryanne’s wedding to the God That Comes. The reason for this being that Sookie is essentially bait forcing Sam to come turn himself in to protect her. The scenes between Sookie and Maryanne were very interesting. It clearly is Maryann’s purpose to show Sookie that she isn’t human and thus she begins to question her existence.

The best part of the finale was the over-the-top ending of Maryanne. Essentially Sam and Bill played a similar (albeit more believable) trick on Maryanne to convince her that the god had finally come. Turns out the bull who came as the god was really Sam, after he nearly escaped death. I must hand it to the special effects team on this series, it keeps getting better and better. The gore is so realistic and Maryanne’s entire death scene was beautifully gruesome and artistic.

The big fight scene, however, occurred about half-way through the episode. Which left the rest of the time to somewhat awkwardly wrap up the season. For instance, Eggs was killed which confuses me a bit. I understand that he was a horribly boring character, in my opinion, and he couldn’t stay past the Maryanne storyline, but I’m not sure he died appropriately. I mean really, Jason shot him! Granted he thought Eggs was trying to kill Andy but it’s always kind of disappointing when a character dies mistakenly at the hands of an innocent character (unless you’re Anna Lucia in Lost in which case it totally works).

Hoyt and Jessica had somewhat of an end to their relationship. Hoyt’s crazy Maryann-taken-over mother was hysterical but when she finally came to Hoyt realized that he made the wrong choice by sticking with her over Jessica. Although, Hoyt was way too rough on her when he admitted to wishing Jessica had killer her. Their storyline for the season ended with Hoyt leaving decided to be with Jessica, but Jessica turning evil and feeding off a human! YAY for evil Jessica!

We also found out another semi-big reveal in this episode. Apparently, the Vampire Queen is the one who’s supplying blood to Eric and making him push it. I still don’t understand what’s so bad about selling a little V now and then, but she doesn’t want anyone but Eric to find out. I’m not sure whether or not the Vampire Queen is coming back but I kind of hope she won’t. Although, her logic about the game of Yahtzee was brilliant: Yahtzee is the perfect antidote to a world where inferiority and superiority reign because it’s almost entirely based on chance and luck. So true. So funny. So amazing.

The big end between Sookie and Bill almost resulted in an engagement. Bill plans the perfect romantic night for the two of them filled with French cuisine, dancing, and a gorgeous purple dress for Sookie (she was beautiful!). But, Sookie melodramatically runs into the bathroom after explaining that if she doesn’t know who she is she can’t commit to a marriage. Of course, after looking in the mirror she changes her mind. Meanwhile, Bill is attacked and kidnapped by an unknown figure. When Sookie returns in the midst of saying “I do” she finds an empty room….and cut to the credits. Not the greatest cliffhanger but not bad. My guess is Eric is to blame for stealing Bill but this may be to obvious. Either way I have some predictions for next season:

-Evil Jessica will kick tons of ass.
-Bill will be MIA for a bit leaving Sookie and Eric to grow closer (hot).
-Tara has an emotional crisis after the death of Eggs.
-Ditto for Jason. But I bet he gets close to Tara only to break her heart when she finds out the truth.
-Even more gore.
Sookie and Eric both finally discover their routes.
-Did I mention evil Jessica? Really I cannot wait.

Some fun quotes:

“I’m a waitress…what the fuck are you?!?”- Sookie
“Maryanne Forester rhymes with Martian foreigner”- Random Merlot’s Attendee
“God bless who made those jeans. I swear to God I’d wear him like a scrunchy”- Same Random Merlot’s Attendee

Season Finale Grade: B
Season Grade: A (so good)