Dear True Blood,

I had no idea you read our blog! I’m so excited to see you’ve finally taken my advice. It was just over a week ago when I asked that you not spoil the ending of your cliffhangers through previews for next weeks episode. Just when I was about to stop the DVR short I decided to give you another chance and went ahead with the dangerous preview watching. To my shock and aw you actually listened to me and there wasn’t even a hint of a spoiler!

[Stop reading here if you don’t want me to spoil anything] And this week you really would have screwed things up if you did spoil something. You don’t disappoint again with an eye-opening cliffhanger as the vampire party ends up in smokes, literally, with some of the most pivotal characters’ lives held in question (Sookie, Jason, Eric, Godric, and a slew of familiar vampire faces). In one of the greatest episodes this season (I think I say that every week) several amazing plot elements unfolded and new plot lines were developed, including:

*The Stackhouse siblings finally reunite!
*Godric surprisingly demonstrates his kindhearted nature (apparently not the big bad sheriff we expected).
*Andy continues to the be craziest sane person in the series.
*Tara and Eggs have more Maryann inspired sex…and share a human heart pie.
*The show pushes the violence envelope again showing Maryann cut up and cook said heart (RIP Daphne).
*Sam is framed for Daphne’s murder!
*Eric shows his softer side as he offers himself for Godric and Sookie’s safety.
*Jessica loses her virginity only to discover her hymen grows back…damn vampire healing abilities (really? who thinks of this stuff).

Oh True Blood, thank you for being the most consistently good show this summer. You were robbed out of Emmy nominations but with a killer sophomore season, I don’t see this happening next year.

Your eternal watching fan,