Tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance results show marked the first painful cut of the year. Sure I was sad to see Ashley go a couple weeks ago (she was too good to go out second) but no one I was really invested in bit the dust until tonight.
I saw it coming. This was Vitolio’s third trip to the bottom 3, the judges never saw in him what I saw and with the surprising inclusion of Jeanine and Phillip in the bottom couples instead of the vulnerable Caitlin and Jason, I knew that it was Vitolio who’d be leaving.
Still, after another brilliant solo that I thought lived up to everything Vitolio’s carriage promised (I never know what Nigel’s talking about), it was sad to see a favourite leave for the first time this season.
A lovely dancer and a lovelier personality, Vitolio was the good-guy surprise of the season. He was goofy and sweet and emotional and endearingly awkward at times though he looked like he’d be none of those things- I just loved him.
Karla (a dancer I never cared much for) was the other elimination of the evening.
With Vitolio gone, it’s time to focus attention on my favourite dancers still in the competition.
They are (in order):

and Ade