After a 3 episode slump, True Blood is back to on the hot tamale train (don’t judge me…I’m far too excited for SYTYCD tonight). Everything is about to blow up in Louisiana and things aren’t looking to great down in Texas either. The entire season has been leading up to a confrontation between Sookie the vampire-loving girl and her brother Jason the born-again-anti-vampire-fighter-in-training. Now, we didn’t actually see the two come together yet but Sookie goes undercover at the Light of Day Institute and it seems as though the two will finally come together within the next few weeks. Also, in an amazing ending (SPOILER) Daphne seems to show a darker side as she delivers Sam to Maryann’s massive orgy where the goddess/whatever is vibrating….and we still don’t know exactly why she vibrates. This of course all happens right after Tara and Eggs are finally suspecting something fishy is going on in Bon Temps.

Hands down the greatest part of the episode was a brief moment between Jessica and Hoyt. The show has done an amazing job of pairing these two remarkable actors and creating an adolescent feel toward their entire relationship. Hoyt travels all the way to Dallas after his mother cancels his phone service and he worries Jessica will be mad he isn’t texting her back. Now, this is pure genius. All adolescent lovebirds have probably experienced this all-too-human moment of worry when their loved on isn’t responding to a text. It’s such a little, ridiculous thing but it really makes you angry. Just as Jessica awakens to see no new messages and is on her way to order a man for some dinner, Hoyt appears at her door with flowers and his boyish charm. This entire scene was literally 2 minutes, if that, but it stole the show.

Now Emmy’s I know True Blood didn’t sit so well in your stomach for season one but maybe you need to mix it up with a different blood type. And if you don’t vie Deborah Ann Woll a nomination next year, you are seriously mistaken.

Here’s the thing about True Blood. The writers know how to write a damn good cliffhanger. This entire season has had the best cliffhangers I’ve seen on television in a long time, whether it’s a simple question of whether Bill is going to kill Jessica’s family, the revelation of Daphne’s scars, or this past weeks (SPOILER ALERT) apparent sacrifice of Sam. But here’s my main problem with these cliffhangers: the suspense lasts for about 30 seconds until we see the preview for next week’s episode. The first clip shown is Sam talking to Daphne about Maryann, showing that he doesn’t actually get sacrificed after all (not that I thought one of the main characters would die so suddenly). So here’s my plea to HBO, the readers, and anyone who cares: STOP WITH THE PREVIEWS. If you must show some they should reveal nothing about the cliffhanger. This is what keeps us watching week after week and while I’m still desperately waiting to see what happens to Sam, I’m less excited knowing the outcome.