CBS, the network that enjoys the fruits of very little labour every summer with their guilty pleasure reality smash Big Brother, is at it again.

There Goes the Neighborhood premieres Sunday, August 9 at 9pm.
The idea is this:
It’s family-friendly Big Brother, basically. In order to win $250,000 (half the BB prize money), 8 families in suburbia will compete each week against their neighbours to remain in the competition and win luxury prizes. In each of the 7 episodes of the competition, one family will be eliminated until only one is left standing.
But here’s the catch: the entire neighbourhood is surrounded by a 20 foot wall. They won’t have access to the outside world, no Internet, no phones, no nothing. The family members will have to turn to each other for everything from survival to strategy to simple entertainment.
And the whole thing is being hosted by America Idol season 3 finalist Matt Rogers.
CBS and executive producers Mike Fleiss (The Bachelor, High School Reunion) and Jay Bienstock (The Apprentice) swear that it’s “truly a social experiment”.
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