NEWS: Fox has made the (questionable) decision to air season 6 of beloved summer smash So You Think You Can Dance right after season 5 ends in the fall. The decision, no doubt, is their attempt to make their Idol-free fall months more Idol-audience friendly and put up a bit of a fight against the ABC dance juggernaut Dancing with the Stars. But SYTYCD is a summer show, it’ll tire out if it airs more than 1 season a year and I already have SYTYCD Canada to tackle in the fall. Despite their best intentions, I’m a little mad at FOX; though I will say, this is the first time in history that my problem is that I want to watch TOO MANY things on the famously stupid network.

REMINDER: along the same lines, WATCH THE PILOT OF GLEE!!!!!! The first episode of the incredibly promising (incredibly expensive to produce) new dramedy airs this week after American Idol on Tuesday at 9pm. This type of show is a longshot to survive on any network, not to mention Fox, so it desperately needs viewers to tune in this week. The show is created by the same guy who brought us Popular and Nip/Tuck, and stars Broadway sensations from Spring Awakening and Hairspray (alongside comedy queens Jane Lynch and Jayma Mays) so there’s very little chance of it being anything but, well, Glee-full.