Amidst a storm of good news at the recent network upfronts, the sadness of harsh cancellations went unfelt.

Now, with our joy over the renewals of Dollhouse, Chuck, Better Off Ted and Scrubs fully felt, it is time to turn our attention to the heartbreaking cancellations of two of TV’s most uplifting shows: Privileged and Samantha Who.

A CW freshman series that suffered from lack of shock factor, lack of network support and lack of an add campaign,Privileged  was a critical darling, popular among those searching for something to fill the Gilmore  void and a favourite of all of us here at My TV. The adorable antics of Megan, Rose, Sage, Marco, Will and Charlie will be greatly missed. I’m desperate for the season 1 DVD so I can relive all the great moments, whether they got a proper resolution or not.

As for the second hurtful cancellation, the innocent victims are Samantha Newly (Christina Applegate) and her hilarious comrades (Jennifer Esposito and Melissa McCarthy) from Samantha Who? Instead of renewing the Emmy-winning comedy for a third season and pairing it with renewed favourites Scrubs and Better off Ted to make a comedy night almost as strong as the renowned NBC Thursday or CBS Monday, ABC instead decided to axe the sweet little sitcom. So now, not only are some of television’s best actors jobless (Applegate, Esposito, McCarthy, Barry Watson, Jean Smart, Kevin Dunn and Tim Russ are all flawless comedians), but now we’ll never know how the epic romance between Sam and Todd turns out; we won’t get to watch Sam get her memory back and we’ll miss Andrea’s arc into a brand new, good-ish Andrea.

Damn you upfronts! You’re always such a roller coaster of emotions!

Rest in Peace sweet and optimistic television (that doesn’t involve singing). It was great while it lasted.