This week was the first week where Castle‘s episode was fun enough to justify my watching it. Before this, Nathan Fillion’s considerable charisma and my never ending support of the former Captain Malcolm Reynolds pulled me back. This week followed Becket and Castle as they tried to solve a five year old murder of a flighty, ex-drug addict. It turns out that the murderer was her equally dead hubby. The murder of the week still wasn’t that great, but it gave the show a chance to really develop the Beckett character (Brennan-like, she’s trying to solve her own mother’s murder and make the world a better place in the process). It also defines who she is and what she’ll tolerate from the people around her. She can’t abide cops who don’t do their jobs or people who don’t come forward to help put bad people behind bars.

Plus, this week featured Nathan Fillion playing laser tag (pictured) with his definitely-growing-on-me-to-the-point-that-I-might-like her daughter.

Damn. Now, I’ve got to keep watching.