… and people are better than no people.

So proclaimed a dying patient on Grey’s Anatomy this Thursday. And it’s that general sentiment that I came away from the episode with. Grey’s Anatomy may not be perfect, it may not have great artistic merit or somehow inform the human experience, but I’ve lived with these characters now for 5 years, and I love them.

Maybe it’s that this episode was particularly Karev-centric (him being my unabashed favourite), or that it was low on annoying new girl Lexi, or maybe it was because the life of an original character was on the line, but I realized while watching this episode that for better or worse I care about these characters and want to have them around for many episodes to come.

Like it or not, the doctors of Seattle Grace are my Thursday night people, and, as Karev (and we all) learned this week, people are better than no people.