02 March 2009

2 Views on the Best of the Best

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A few months ago, TV sites around the internet were posting lists of their favourite moments and episodes from arguably the greatest series of all time, The West Wing. So, as one of the series’ biggest fans, I thought it’d be fun to not only make my list but to ask the other West Wing fantatics in my life to make their lists as well. But after months of waiting, only 1 of them actually bothered, so I have only their list and mine. But here they are in any case, in all their nostalgic glory, 2 perspectives on television history (but Im not going to tell you which is which, it’s part of the fun!) Enjoy.

Also, post your own favourite moments and episodes in the comments section!

West Wing Fanatic #1

Favourite Episodes

  1. “In This White House” (204)
  2.  “Take this Sabbath Day” (114)
  3. “The Supremes” (517)
  4. “In The Shadow of Two Gunmen Parts 1& 2” (201& 202)
  5. “Posse Comitatus” (322)

Favourite Moments

  1. Josh wipes out (407 “Election Night”)

  1. Josh meets Joey Lucas for the first time (114 “Take this Sabbath Day”)
  1. CJ, Danny and the goldfish (109 “The Short List”)

  1. Bartlet gives the knife to Charlie (208 “Shibboleth”)

  1. Ainsley tells her friends that she’s taking the white house job (204 “In This White House”)

  1. Bartlet plays chess with Sam (315 “Hartsfield Landing”)

  1. Hallelujah montage (322 “Posse Comitatus”)

  1. Lionel Tribbey (John Larroquette)’s first appearance (204 “In This White House”)

  1. Ainsley Hayes meets the President (213 “Bartlet’s Third State of the Union”)

  1.  Bartlet on homosexuality (203 “The Midterms”)


West Wing Fanatic #2

Favourite Episodes

  1. “Celestial Navigation” (115)
  2. “Isaac and Ishmael” (301)
  3. “Two Cathedrals” (222)
  4. “The Midterms” (203)
  5. “And it’s Surely to Their Credit” (205)

Favourite Moments

  1. CJ’s root canal (115 “Celestial Navigation”)

  1. Josh meets Joey for the first time (114 “Take This Sabbath Day”)

  1. Bartlett on homosexuality (203 “The Midterms”)

  1. Josh and Donna’s anniversary (“17 People”)

  1. Leo helps Josh (210 “Noel”)

  1. CJ’s gun control briefing (202 “The Shadow of Two Gunmen Part 2”)

  1. Ainsley Hayes meets the President (213 “Bartlet’s Third State of the Union”)

  1. Bartlett decides to beat Ritchie (322 “Posse Comitatus”)

  1. Evelyn Baker Lang vs. Christopher Mulready debate (517 “The Supremes”)
  1. Drinking with the first lady (316 “Dead Irish Writers”)

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2 Responses to 2 Views on the Best of the Best

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