North of the Border.
After catching up on a week’s worth of Jon Stewart, I figured I should check out what was going on in my own country. This was a good idea for many reasons: 1 being that as the only Canadian in my group of friends here in Boston I am expected to possess a working knowledge of the country, another is that citizens should always be informed, and perhaps the most pressing reason is that my political bigwig of an older brother is not opposed to punishing ignorance with violence.
So I looked up The Rick Mercer Report on CBC. For any of you who may be unfamiliar, Rick Mercer is an obnoxious and self-important pale imitation of Jon Stewart and his show combines the Daily Show studio format with the most pointless and contrived field pieces you’ve ever seen. But naturally, instead of the insightful studio segments, the clips that are available on are mostly of field pieces.
Except for this one. This one is hilarious.
So I would like to direct your attention to the video clip AVAILABLE HERE, where Rick Mercer explains “everything you ever wanted to know about Canada but were too afraid to ask”.