One of my favorite things about BSG (or, really, any show I truly love) is its ability to mix together deep human drama with external badassery. But after episodes like last night’s, I just wish they were better at doing ti within the same episode. I wish that we didn’t have to go from episode to episode in order to see both sides of Starbuck, the daddy/mommy-issued semi-psychotic girl to the competent, talented pilot who would prefer shooting to frakking, but will settle for the second.


Not to say that last night’s (fourth to last) BSG wasn’t all sorts of geeky, scifi goodness. It was. I like the way the Boomer arch (once so central to the show) is coming to a climax, and the way Chief maintains his intensely flawed attempt at finding love, and I even like the fact that the ending of this universe isn’t about cylon technology or raptor battles but love stories and daddy issues. But I wish that the writers were better at balancing their humongous cast of characters and desire to see them all fully fleshed out. For one, I didn’t need to watch Kara babble with head-Daddy all episode just to get the tiny piece of information that Kara/(recently stolen) Hera/and Daddy (can we all just agree he’s Daniel?) all know the chord progression for All Along the Watchtower (for the less geeky out there, the song that “activated” the final five). It was tiny piece of information, and with only three more episodes to go, I’m treasuring every second I spend in this universe, and it annoys me when the time feels squandered.


That all being said, next week’s information-a-palooza looks fantastic.