If I’ve learned anything from my experiences with The OC, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and Chuck, it’s that sometimes a show that you think you’ll never be into can turn into something you really enjoy. I gave all those series a second chance that resulted in serious bandwagon jumping, so it was only appropriate that I give 90210the same consideration. I liked the original (though Ive only seen the Brenda years) so I tuned in to watch The CW try to remake one of TV’s most influential shows. Within 10 minutes of the beginning of the pilot I hated it so much that I turned it off and never watched again.

But then Tristan Wilds (Dixon) wowed me with his performance in The Secret Life of Bees, and I caught some YouTube videos of the West Beverly production of Spring Awakening that Annie starred in, then I heard that not only was Tori Spelling (Donna Martin) joining the show but that Shannon Doherty (Brenda Walsh) would be back, and I love her. So I came back; and now, after 13 episodes have aired, I’ve finally caught up on what I missed, and I have to say- I’m kind of shamefully loving it.

Both Annie and Ethan have that annoyingly perfect thing going on but I somehow don’t hate either of them at all. Naomi is less sympathetic than they want her to be but is more sympathetic than I thought she’d be. Dixon is pretty kick ass. Silver is fantastic. I’m completely in love with Navid and Adrianna was a surprising delight as a character, once she got her act together a bit.

When I first heard that Adrianna was replacing grandma Mills in the principle cast I was skeptical, but as the series has progressed I found myself wanting to see more of her, and especially more of her relationship with Navid. Dixon and Silver’s relationship is equally intriguing and delightful. The parents are a little much and I could do without them but Ryan, the teacher, is pretty cool and I always like seeing alum from the original series.

The show is not nearly as stupid as the pilot would suggest. Also: the theatrical leanings of Annie, Adrianna and Brenda have already led to Spring Awakening and Macbeth references, so I’m sure there’s more delightful nerdiness to come.

The old 90210 was the first of its kind, a benchmark for all the teen shows that followed. The new 90210 has more of an unimportant and indistinct place in the cannon, but it’s a fun hour every week.